Vintage Engagement Rings

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Jewelry is a girl's best friend. No woman can have too much jewelry. We need to co-ordinate our trinkets with our costumes and with our moods. But sometimes it is not just about adornment; a chain or a bracelet can hold a deep sentimental significance too. The most obvious example would have to be the engagement ring or wedding band. what better choice than vintage engagement rings?

When choosing the right engagement ring several factors need to be taken into consideration. An engagement is the proclamation of love and commitment to your life partner and you want to be reminded of this each time you look at your ring. You want to make sure your choice will stand the test of time and not choose anything that may become a past fashion. After all most people will only have the one engagement ring and wedding band.

According to your tastes, background and lifestyle you might go for something modern and sassy, something sleek and classy or a design that reflects the history of your forefathers that led you to this point in time by opting from an array of vintage engagement rings. You could go for a single stone; diamond is the most popular; or a cluster of rubies for example. The choices are endless; consider having something unique designed just for you, or even designing your own with the help of a professional jeweler. It all only depends on your budget, and there is something out there suited to every purse.

It is an upcoming trend for the groom-to-be to also wear an engagement ring. It doesn't necessarily have to match the bride's, but a continuing theme like vintage engagement rings made from the same yellow or white gold, or even platinum would be highly original and stylish. The groom's ring should not house a stone though; this is seen to be not so masculine. The sentimental quality is equally as touching though! And he'll also have a permanent reminder of your love for him and your commitment to each other.

When shopping for your vintage engagement rings; take time and trouble to make the right choice. This process should not be hurried but enjoyed and shared between you. Take days out to look through all the jeweler's windows and try on any that excite you. Don't overlook the antique stores; there are some pleasant surprises to be had there, especially if you are on a budget or in need of inspiration for vintage engagement rings. Most importantly, make your shopping trips an occasion each time; discuss your findings over a long romantic, leisurely lunch. Remember these are important memories in the making; you'll treasure these moments just as much as your ring and almost as much as your future spouse.Your antique style engagement ring, just like your eventual wedding band, and ultimately your eternity ring, will stay with you for life. You may also want it to be an item to hand down to kids and grand-kids one day, so make sure you have plenty of touching stories to bequest them too.

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