Are You Willing to Sacrifice For Your Online Business?

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I once knew a talented athlete that had the potential to make a very good living off of his talent.
The problem was, he wasn't willing to pay the price and make the sacrifices necessary to be successful.
Sadly, ten years later he is working as a short order cook at a local diner.
All of his potential was wasted because of his laziness.
This is the same problem I see with so many new online marketers today.
They simply don't want to work hard and make the sacrifices required to become successful.
If results don't come quickly they declare Internet marketing a scam and simply give up.
I'm not sure when it started, but the myth that online marketing is easy and a quick path to unlimited riches has been circulated for far too long.
I personally know that you can make a very good living online.
It is no longer a fad, but a big part of the future of our society.
However, like with any business, you must invest both time and money back into your online business to see results.
Of course there are countless stories of people who make thousands of dollars every month, and they love to boast about how they only need to work an hour a day.
What they don't tell you, is all the hard work and sacrifices it took them to get to that point.
They can't tell you this, because it is a big mistake to tell any prospect in the money making niche they will have to work hard.
This has been proven to be lethal to sales.
Once people find out a program will require hard work, they are instantly turned off, even if it does in fact work as promised.
Believe me when I tell you, you won't spend $27 on an eBook and start making $10,000 a month within a week.
It takes many months and years of hard work to become successful online.
Each eBook you buy or seminar you attend is a way of building your knowledge of the online marketing business.
It is an investment in yourself and your business.
You will never find a course that will teach you everything you need to know.
You learn this business through experience and education.
The biggest mistake any new marketer can make is to treat their online business as a hobby.
The only real way to become successful is to invest your time and money wisely, work hard and sacrifice.
When you hit roadblocks along the way, you must always find ways around them.
All successful people do this.
As you move along the road to success, you will find it is lined with quitters along the way, but determination and a never say die attitude is what will save you from a similar fate.

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