Dave the Funky Shoulder Monkey - The Number 1 Top Christmas Toy?

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Every Christmas we see the emergence of a top toy that becomes extremely popular. And Christmas 2010 will be no exception with a little, furry, robotic monkey likely to take the top spot.

Dave the Cheeky Monkey is a remote controlled, sweet little thing but it does come with a store of unsavoury features such as burping (top and bottom) and a variety of other rude gestures. All great fun really and it definitely appeals to all age groups (even adults).

But, you need to be quick if you want to get your hands on Dave because, as usual, stocks are running out fast.

Interest in the U.S. for furry Dave has been stimulated by Toys-R-Us who officially listed Dave the Funky Monkey as a popular, hot toy that would most likely be purchased from all of their chain of stores across the US.

But Dave is manufactured in China and because of soaring demand an extra factory has already been opened to meet the unexpected global demand. This factory is geared to manufacture an extra 450,000 toys but it is feared that these additional monkeys will not hit the toy stores in time for the peak rush at Christmas.

All top children's toys have some unique selling points and interesting features and Dave the Funky Shoulder Monkey is no exception.

The actual kit for Dave the Funky Monkey consists of the monkey itself, a remote control unit and complete instructions. Insert a 9V battery and the little beast fires up.

Prices seem to be around $24 but discounts are available. But it seems that the race to get your very own Monkey Dave, before he becomes extinct, is definitely on!

As you know, the demand for popular kids' toys is still very strong and this results in shortages. And there is already a warning from the manufacturer, Wow! Stuff.

They say that they will not be able to meet demand with the approach of Christmas. A shortage is almost certain so we can expect to see parents searching high and low for this elusive little monkey.

Dave the Funky Shoulder Monkey is definitely captivating and will probably be just as popular with adults as with the 5 to 12 years age group for whom it was originally designed.


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