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The flash web design have been noted and widely used because of their featuring graphics as well as their cool animation sounds which makes every customer make a click to the website.
That is a superbly well performance of the flash web page design-or is it not? But have you ever considered asking yourself what are the limitations of using this kind of design, what you are likely to get in terms of limitations and what will be limited ones you choose to have a flash web page design, are some of the issues that you should also keep in mind.
Note that the aim is not to show what bad flash design is capable of but to highlight what you should be prepared like any other web design, the limitations will at one time occur.
Ignorance of the users needs The flash web page design will have some sound effects.
So what happens if you are using it in a quite environ, or you want to use it at night hours-the noise will be a bother and will not justify the presence of a good website whatever the reason.
Disabling your backbutton Am sure you must have tasted what it feels like when you log into a site and then tries to move back only to find that the back button will not work.
This means that you have to cancel to repeat or navigate away from the page-is that so with the flash web page design?-find out What about the loading period There is nothing boring and tiring as when you try to load and then you notice that whatever website you wanted to load is taking more than the time you expected.
It is not always but since the flash web page have lots of WordPress features and sounds, you will of course expect that the downloads will be very low compared to the other types of designs.
Modification and editing problems It has become common with the designers that they use WordPress features and other codes which only they can be able to edit.
This means that you will be subjected to be using them whenever you want to have some changes on your website, which may not be that easy, for a business person.
Knowing the other side of the flash design will help you have a good decision point of whether to use it or not.
Remember; there are both the goods and the bad for every web design.

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