Achieving Credibility by James Kouzes

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Achieving Credibility by James Kouzes focuses on some of the key aspects of what it takes to run a successful career and business. It helps you to understand what characteristics that people admire and how you can - as a professional business leader - achieve the credibility you want and need to thrive successfully in your career.

This book talks about the how to establish trust within your team. Leaders, managers, and other people in positions of authority who are not recognized for who they are and what they do end up getting treated like a doormat by all their fellow employees. It's not uncommon to run across a company who is completely out of order because the individuals who are in upper management are unable to gain the credibility from others that they need.

Too often, work places are filled with chaos and disorganization. The work ethic is poor among the employees, and the entire team is filled with lazy, unfocused workers who could care less about their job. When you find a team like this, it is imperative to find out who is in charge of the operation because unfortunately, the problem is usually lies within their leadership skills. A manager who does not "have it together" will not be able to operate a successful business, much less motivate his employees to want to give it their all.

Ultimately, without an effective leader who possesses all the characteristics that people like, a business will fall through. Achieving Credibility by James Kouzes teaches you how to cultivate qualities within yourself that people naturally look for in a leader. When your employees and other members of a business come to you with a concern or advice, they want to know that you're confident and can help them with whatever they need. Without confidence in the team's leader, an employee will lose interest in their job and become sloppy in their work ethic.

Achieving Credibility by James Kouzes teaches you how to motivate others to reach their goals. It discusses how you can influence the members of you team to desire a better work atmosphere simply by observing your behavior. The people you work with will start looking up to you and want to be like you. In turn, you gain a sense of credibility that makes you feel accepted and like a true leader.

Another thing this guide does is help you to deal with conflict on the job. There are various types of conflict that can arise on the job. Some forms of conflict take the form of arguments between employees, while others may take the form of arguments between upper management. It is up to you as a leader to dissolve all forms of tension on the job. By doing so, you're setting a great example for others to follow, while also achieving more credibility along the way.

With the guide, Achieving Credibility by James Kouzes, you are given the knowledge needed to help you employees learn to trust one another and create a motivated, harmonious environment where everyone shares a similar vision and goal. All in all, you're provided with the perfect work atmosphere and a renewed sense of optimism that no one can take away.

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