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These day's it seems like more and more people are cringing at the MLM, or network marketing.
Really to a degree I understand.
People are leading with the wrong foot forward, you could say.
In the end you can not I repeat can not lead with the opportunity first.
I know this goes against industry "norms" but in the end if you lead with the product first, you will have better return for your money! See what happens when you lead with your opportunity first is people get greedy.
The come along, see what you are doing like it, and sign up.
Five months pass with many broken promises, and they have received only a nominal check at best, and some one else comes along with a better idea, and guess what? They sign up, with that program, because it's more appealing, and most importantly the compensation plan is better! In the end whether the compensation plan is better or not is really open for debate, but to them it looks better.
In the end your prospect that you saw so much potential in 6 months ago is off doing something else, leaving you to try and replace them.
Sadly, this happens every day, day in and day out all over the U.
If, though you led with the product (I have seen this happen) people become so satisfied with it, they will step forward and want to grow there business.
Sounds simple doesn't it? Those who are MLM gurus, or might consider them selves to be a MLM guru, will on one level or another tell you there is a lot of truth to leading with the product.
The sad reality for many reasons is this is not the norm in what is taught in network marketing today.
MLM guru's and MLM leaders do this partly out of greed and ignorance, but also a part of it is that once using you are using the products in an MLM, your up line knows that even if you decide not to grow your MLM any more, there is a high probability of you still continuing to use those products.
It is sad how many times I have seen it happen where long after a person is done building a business, they are still using the soap, drinking the energy drink, or drinking the health drink, because they actually like it.
In short, what I am saying is this, if you want higher retention rates in your MLM, and eventually want to be considered an MLM guru, and you want more people using a lot more of your product, along with higher retention rates don't and I mean don't lead with the opportunity.
You will never regret it in your MLM if you make the switch over to leading with the product, I promise.
So here is to seeing you down the road as an MLM guru.

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