Mary Kay Cosmetics - A Review

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If you are looking at the network marketing opportunity Mary Kay and considering getting involved, but still are having doubts whether it is for you, I'll recommend that you read this article - I think it will help you decide.

First of all, the company has been around for some yeas now. It was founded back in 1963 by Mary Kay Ash, who started out with nothing but a couple of thousand dollars and a desire to develop the biggest and most known brand name in the cosmetic industry. "Direct selling" wasnt a very known concept back then, but Mary Kay Ash adopted this technique and has today more than 1.7 million reps world wide. There are people who are very successful in this industry, but unfortunately this network marketing business is not different from any other network marketing company. With that I mean that the failure rate is 95 % and many ends up using more money than they make. But since the failure rate isn't 100 % someone are succeeding, and it is possible! I will try and give you some of the pros and cons and then you can make your decision.

As I've already mentioned, this network marketing company has been around for a long time and has many reps. If the business was a scam, it would not still be around! Many people are devoted to these products and people enjoy using them. A good product is certainly a big plus, because that is crucial to ever succeed. Also, with network marketing comes a big opportunity for you to create personally and financially freedom.

With all that said, you have to be aware of the reality. This might be a good opportunity, but like it is with any other network marketing company, it will not be easy to succeed with Mary Kay. First of all you have to put money into it before you can get started, because you have to buy the products to sell them. They have a couple of options and the price for a "start-package" starts at $1800.00. And then when you have that in place you have to use a lot of time trying to sell these products and some more money to go to the weekly meetings. The company will tell you to sell it to your family, make your family and friends a part of your business, and that is NOT how you should be running ANY business. Business and personal life should ALWAYS be two separate things!

What goes for every network marketing company is that the techniques you are told to use are NOT the right way to go and that shows in the high failure rate. But if you are really serious about becoming successful with network marketing, you should just go elsewhere for the information and learn how to become a great marketer. If you just do it the right way you will succeed, and that is also possible with Mary Kay. But if you aren't ready to treat your Mary Kay business as a real business you should just use and enjoy the products.

I hope I have made it a little easier for you to make a choice whether you should join Mary Kay - just keep in mind that you CAN succeed if you just do it the right way!

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