Call Centers, With Follow-Up Services

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What exactly are call centers and what can they do for your marketing efforts? Anyone in marketing will tell you the two essentials to success are that of qualifying prospects and follow-up of contacts.
However, these tasks are the hardest and most distasteful at times, and the least cost effective.
Sometimes it feels like if you could just have a genie to do that, the rest of your job would be fun.
Well, there is a genie of sorts.
Call centers are that genie.
They, like anything else, come with differing qualities of service.
We are going to look at what constitutes a quality call center that will make your life easier.
When shopping for this service, use this guide to insure you get a service that will truly help you.
The first thing to look for is a staff that is highly trained and competent.
There are no regulations or licenses governing who can set up a call room, so check thoroughly to be sure you are getting a highly qualified staff to work with.
Another consideration is what services you can expect.
Good call centers act as screening services, calling and qualifying your prospects.
They determine which clients are just "shopping" and those that are ready and qualified to buy.
This can save invaluable time.
A competent call center will portray you as the expert your prospects are looking for.
They give a professional front to your business by setting appointments for you.
The staff should be trained in how to edify you as a busy expert that can meet the needs of the prospect.
After qualifying prospects, the next most tedious task is follow-up.
That is where many sales people drop the ball.
They get so involved in searching out and qualifying prospects that they forget to follow-up in a timely manner with the current prospects.
As all marketers know, the absolute best time to gain a customer is when the prospect is ready to buy, usually after just being pre-sold.
Your website probably does a great job of pre-selling, but then what? Unless you plan to be on call 24/7, you will lose a lot of business because of the delay, while the prospect "cools" before you are able to contact them.
You need someone who can act for you when you are not available.
This would be your faithful standby, the call center.
A good one will have ways to be available at the moment of contact.
The best way is by software that is directly tied to your website.
That leaves no margin for human error.
Your prospect will be immediately contacted, maybe even while still on your website.
This should be a seamless operation.
The initial contact by the call center should lead to a follow-up appointment by you, after you have been edified as an expert by the staff.
Then, even after the initial appointment with you, there needs to be repeated, regular follow-up.
Your "genie" will do that for you, sending out sales packages, DVD's, or whatever your company has available to convince the prospect to buy.
One of these call centers that has all the parameters above, such as a highly trained staff, software that connects directly to your website for immediate contact.
There is even a website builder that lets you install the software on your website to go directly to the call center.
Outsourcing is a key to business success, allowing you to spend your time on those tasks that will return more for your time, and allowing you to assign tasks to others that will allow you more time to work at what you do best.
Outsourcing your prospecting to a great call center just makes sense.
You will get a professional image, more time, and positioned as an expert in your field.
You just can't get a genie any better than that, even in a magic lamp.

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