Common Sense About The Basic Care Of Pulverizer

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First, screen repair and replacement. Screen is made of thin steel plate or metal punching.When the screen appears the breakdown wear or foreign bodies, if the damaged area is small,

can make riveting or soldering for remediation; if extensive damage, replace the new screen.Installation screen should be made towards the sieve with the burr side, the smoothoutwards, the screen surface and screen frame to fit tightly. Sieve sieve ring when installed, the lap along the inner layer of stubble should be the direction of rotation to prevent the material stuck in the lap.

Second, the bearing lubrication and replacement. Pulverizer after every 300 hours of work should be cleaned bearings. If the bearings are oil lubricated, add new oil to fill thehousing gap when 1 / 3 is appropriate, no more than 1 / 2, just before the job is often a little cap-type oil can tighten the lid. When the mill bearings badly worn or damaged should be replaced, and pay attention to strengthening lubrication; use of tapered roller bearings, axial bearings should be careful to check the interval to keep it as 0.2-0.4 mm, if not, can increase or decrease Office paper pads bearing cap to adjust.

Third, claw and hammer tooth replacement. Parts of crushing, grinding teeth and claw hammer is the wearing parts in the feed roller mill, but also affect the quality and productivity of crushing main components, grinding teeth and claws worn hammer should be promptly replaced. Replacement teeth tooth claw crusher claw, the first disc to be pulled out. Pull out before it gets round the back of open disc lock nut pieces, with the hook under the round nut wrench, and then dedicated the disc out lesbian. To ensure balanced operation of the rotor, for complete sets of replacement teeth should pay attention, for after the static balance test should be done to make the mill work and stability. Tooth claw assembly to tighten the nut must, and pay attention not to leave the spring washers. Teeth should be used for qualified parts, the weight difference between a single tooth claw should not be greater than 1.0-1.5 grams.

Hammer mill hammer some symmetric, when the cusp blunt hammer, you can use the opposit angle adjustment; if one end of the corners are worn, they should turn around and use. Toadjust the angle or U-turn, the entire hammer should be at the same time, corners wornhammer, should replace them all, and note the difference between the weight of each Hammer film not a large 5 grams; spindle, disk, positioning sets, pin, hammer Good equipment, static balance test should be done in order to maintain rotor balance and prevent vibration.

In addition, fixed hammer the pin hole and installation of the shaft due to wear, the pin will gradually grinded hole will gradually wear large, when the pin diameter and smaller size than the original 1 mm diameter hole grinding than the original size large 1 mm, shall promptly repair or replace welding.

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