List Building Made Easy - Simple Methods For Making List Building Super Easy

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List building does not need to be difficult if you follow a few simple methods of making it super easy to set up and start seeing results.
You will need to have an autoresponder that will collect the leads that come in through your various list building methods.
It's imperative that you automate this process.
And you should try to do this with most of your list building chores.
Your autoresponder can be set up to follow up with your subscribers and leads while you are busy doing other things like advertising, doing joint ventures, writing and submitting articles.
Another method you will want to use to make your list building easy is to use a viral ebook.
This really is a hands off approach.
You simply let people download your ebook and let them give it away for free.
When you do this you are creating a marketing virus that will bring you in hundreds of subscribers for doing very little work on your part.
Yet another way to make your list building easy, is to use actually let your existing subscribers build your list for you.
You can do this by offering incentives to your subscribers for sending you new leads.
You can hold a contest where the subscriber who sends you the most leads wins a big product package.
Even better, you can set up an affiliate program and have your subscribers sign up and pay them a small percentage for each new lead they send you.
Maybe pay them a quarter each for every new subscriber they add to your list.
There are many great ways to make your list building efforts easy.
Try some these to get started.

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