Teleseminar Marketing - 3 Things to Avoid When Outlining Your Teleseminar

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Regardless of how much experience you have doing teleseminars everybody should always create an outline of what they'll be speaking about.
There may be less to it as you gain experience but you should still outline your talk regardless.
From my experience I'd like to pass on 3 mistakes to avoid during this process.
Mistake #1 Do not write out word for word what you want to say.
If you are new to doing teleseminars this may be difficult for you because you might be concerned that if you don't read a script you won't think of what to say during the call.
This is a perfectionism issue.
Don't think you have to be perfect.
Just use the outline as a guideline and let the conversation flow and you'll be fine.
Mistake #2 Do not think you have to have enough content to last an hour.
Typically you'll start adding things into the outline of your talk just to stretch out the conversation.
One good method to avoid this problem is to write out 3 broad topics to start.
Then one by one add subtopics to each of those 3 and may repeat this process 2 or 3 times and you most likely won't be forcing extra content into your outline just to stretch the length of your talk out.
If you don't feel what you've come up with is enough make sure to add in a Q&A at the end and even come up with some common objection questions if your talk goes quicker than you thought it would.
Mistake #3 Don't be shy about including an offer in your outline.
This is difficult for people that are new to doing teleseminars.
They aren't used to openly soliciting their services.
This is something you need to get over.
When writing your outline I'd recommend talking about your offer no less than twice.
You can even tie it in with the content in subtle ways so you're promoting but it's not really thought of as promotion.
Don't rely on memory to bring this up during your teleseminar.
Include it in your outline.
Your bank account will appreciate it.

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