A Chef Explains Personal Branding

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Internet marketing skills are not difficult to acquire.
But it takes focus, discipline and a professional mentor.
I am a chef and I love using cooking terms to explain internet marketing strategies.
Read as I "slice" through the nonsense found in most internet marketing strategies like a French knife.
In today's article I'll be dishing up "delicious tips" that will make your mouth water.
I used to love that song! Okay! I understand that it was famous several years ago, but that is a great example of personal branding.
To explain personal branding further please allow me to use a cooking term, my cooking buddies love this part.
"So Students pick up your Sharpening Stone and let us sharpen our skills" LOL! SEARING means to take a cool raw piece of meat or vegetable, apply cooking oil to it lightly, and place it on a very hot cooking surface.
The result? Brown seared marks are left on the surface of the food product.
These marks are very distinctive and the process seals the juices and the natural goodness in.
Personal branding is very similar, as you are trying to leave your distinct mark on the internet.
In Internet Marketing, people that stand out, that have a unique look, really make it in Internet Marketing.
As a Chef, I learned how critical branding actually is.
Just check out the Chefs on the Food Network.
My wife says that I like to check out Giada! Just a quick story about personal branding before I continue; I helped my sister run her restaurant in Nashville back in 2000.
I had the opportunity to befriend Johnny Cash; unfortunately the Restaurant was near the Baptist Hospital and so it seemed he was in the neighborhood due to his illnesses.
Well the first time that I met Johnny, I had not taken my Ritalin that morning and so I was wound up, locked and loaded and ready to blurt out something stupid or maybe something witty; us ADDERs tend to entertain ourselves that way.
He entered the Restaurant and I said, "Johnny, I remember you when you were black and white.
You sure do look different in color".
Johnny laughed.
I miss you Johnny.
So, let's use Johnny as another one of my personal branding examples, shall we? Johnny Cash knew a lot about personal branding, he still does.
Johnny "STILL" lives on as the "Man in Black" and always will.
He has reached my Grandparents generation, my Moms', mine and now yours.
Personal branding is going to be different for everybody.
Now for you, you might brand yourself as a Visionary or a Guru of Internet Marketing and you might even wear a gold hat just to create your character.
For me? I don't know! What does a smart aleck Chef, riddled with ADD, look like? I say! Be creative! Be unique! Make a list of the brands to get an idea of personal branding for yourself.
I am branding myself online as The Abstract Chef.
Here's a few: Brando, Columbo, Spock, Bruce Lee, etc.
Make a name for yourself by branding yourself.
And Finally! Don't be afraid to brand yourself because there is nobody on this earth, quite like you! I took an interest in Cooking after a Chef took a tomato and carved it into a beautiful rose for me.
That was the little spark that really started it all for me and launched me straight into Culinary Arts.
So how does this tie in with Internet Marketing? Simply, if you can take a raw product, mold and shape it into a finished quality product; the Internet is looking for you.
If you provide a service of any kind and are more about Quality and Customer Cares and less about making a quick buck; then the Internet is looking for you.
If the picture of your product is as succulent as a sizzling steak or fresh baked bread with steam rising from the top of it, and if your product looks this good; the Internet is looking for you.
And last, if you have real drive and a love for what you are selling; the Internet is looking for you.

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