Your First Year in Network Marketing - Full Review

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"Your First Year In Network Marketing" is the landmark book published to help network marketers succeed with their businesses. The authors has many difference cute phrases that describe the emotions that most network marketers experience in their first year of network marketing.

The book is a good read, and it primarily deals with the "inner game" of success. They discuss how to deal with feeling of rejection when people don't join your team, managing your time with your downline, building enthusiasm towards marketing to friends and family members. They also have several stories to illustrate how they overcame these obstacles to building a successful business.

In addition to the "inner game", one of the most commonly overlooked aspects of success is the "outer game" or the actual techniques and strategies that a distributor can use to get more clients. In my experience, if you have an email inbox full of requests from people to speak with you about your business, then it makes things much more enjoyable emotionally. These are "hard skills" that go beyond the inner game - they reflect a skill-set and knowledge of direct-response marketing.

Some of the key skills needed are:

* Prospecting - finding people who want what you have, getting their attention, and getting them to take action.

* Closing - getting those people to now join you in business and in your organization.

* Presenting - effectively presenting your products, services, and business opportunity.

* Lead Generation - finding leads, and generating leads that are interested in what you have.

* Training & Accountability - giving these skills to your organization, and training them how to use them.

I do recommend reading Your First Year In Network Marketing, especially for the inner-game strategies they employ. I would also recommend studying what you can about successful direct-marketing techniques and strategies, and building a solid outer-game skill-set as well.

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