How to Bind Off a Pillow After Knitting

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    • 1). Knit a rectangle to measure 18 inches wide, 36 inches long.

    • 2). Fold the knit rectangle in half lengthwise, lining up the edges. Place the folded rectangle in front of you with the fold positioned to the left.

    • 3). Insert a crochet hook through the first stitch on the top and bottom along the bottom edge, then wrap yarn around the hook.

    • 4). Pull the crochet hook back through the stitches, puling the yarn through at the same time. Continue pulling the yarn until you have 24 inches in length.

    • 5). Insert the crochet hook through the second stitches on the top and bottom, then loop the same yarn around the hook. Pull the hook back through, carrying the yarn with it. Pull the yarn taut.

    • 6). Repeat the process to bind off two edges of the rectangle. Knot the ends of the yarn onto the neighboring stitches using a yarn needle.

    • 7). Insert an 18-inch throw pillow form into the unbinded opening of the pillow, then bind off the stitches of the opening using the same method as previously.

    • 8). Trim off any excess yarn using scissors before displaying the knit pillow.


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