FAQ about Exciting Offers

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Q: How can I get customers to actually read my sales copy?

A: Start with your product name. Make it exciting. In this way you catch your customers' attention and begin to build excitement about your product. An informative name shares facts, but an exciting one will generate curiosity, "I wonder what is so different about this product?" A curious reader will actually read your sales copy!

Q: How can I acknowledge concerns my customers may have without being negative in my sales copy?

A: Include a series of questions that address experiences they may have had with similar products. This will calm fears while keeping the excitement about the purchase. You will demonstrate that you understand the customers' needs and experiences. It is an opportunity to show how your product is different and their future experience will be positive.

Q: Won't they wonder if my product is more of the same?

No! Follow up with a positive and empathetic statement about your product. Your confidence on your product will be contagious!

Q: Why would they believe me?

A: They will believe you because you will follow your statement with a bulleted list outlining the benefits of your product. The consumers' eye will naturally fall to a bulleted list. Now that you've got their attention, you can prove your product's worth. This is the spot to put that information demonstrating your products strengths and selling points. Really show that a purchase will be a great value!

Q: Shouldn't I just start with that?

A: No. Build excitement first in order to appeal to your buyers' emotional minds. After you've done that you can address his rational mind with product information. By engaging his emotional mind, you increase the chance of closing the sale today. The rational mind will say, 'This would be a good purchase...someday." The emotional mind says, "I need this product TODAY!"

Keep these questions in mind as you prepare your sales copy and you will see your sales increase!

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