Hat Selection Pointers for Men of All Shapes and Sizes

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People, in general find symmetrical objects highly appealing. Thus, faces that are greatly proportioned are considered more attractive. Perhaps this could be the main reason why many people turn to plastic surgery to enhance their facial features and symmetries. Luckily, there is another thing both men and women can do.

Women oftentimes can assuage their asymmetries through hairstyles or haircuts that complement the shape of their faces. Men, on the other hand, have a limited chance of achieving the same effects via a haircut. Fortunately, donning the right type of hat will help any man look dapper and debonair.

Find the right hat for you for an instant facial appearance improvement. Consider the following guidelines:

Irregular- or oval- shaped face

Men with oval faces, those that are proportioned, are lucky because they can wear almost any type of hat, except the deerstalker, without fearing to look ugly. Nevertheless, if you do not have that full, short, or oval face, wearing a medium brimmed hat gives you that sophisticated appeal. The rambler style trilby is the safest choice since it matches almost any attire and facial shape.

Long or pointed nose

Men with long noses should choose hats that can break the profile from the brim to the tip of the nose. Find something with a wide width edge extending further than the nose's tip. Additionally, the height of the crown should be average, and not too tightly oppressed in front. Furthermore, it should have a wide hatband, side tilt, and little to no taper. The Fedora is the perfect choice for men with long noses.

Withdrawn chin

Men with withdrawn chins must wear headgear that draws the onlooker's attention upwards and far from the chin. Hence, it is necessary to choose something that has a low crown height, narrow hatband, visible taper, and flat brim. This headpiece should also have a noticeable and balanced tilt towards the side. Famous ones include the Porkpie, Trilby, and some Fedoras featuring short brims and lowly leveled crowns.

Outstanding jaw

A man with a prominent jaw must wear a headgear that evens out the strong chin. Headpieces with average width brims that are snapped crossways are perfect if the user makes sure it does not look too sharp at the back. Because if it does, it will make the jaw look even more notorious. In addition, avoid high crowned hats, and go for ones with side dents, even side tilt, and small tapers.

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