Email Marketing - Using Articles to Set the Foundation for Your Email Marketing

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Email marketing is one of the most powerful internet money making tools available on earth today.
I am currently using it to generate nearly $2 per subscriber per month on some of my lists.
I am going to discuss a powerful concept that I have not seen anywhere discussed in all of internet marketing, and I consider myself well-read online.
This is the concept to continuity and relationship building.
I want you to imagine that you are 25 again, and you are going to meet someone new.
So you meet him or her and you introduce yourself, and you get his or her phone number.
Then instead of calling her or him yourself to set up the date, you ask your friend to do it.
Then when your friend gets the date, he or she asks his or her friend to go on the date instead.
Do you see what is wrong with this picture?Getting to know someone is about relationship, not about going through the steps.
And making money with your email list is exactly the same.
You must develop a relationship with your email list.
You see, they are not going to buy the product because the sales page looks pretty, they are going to give YOU their money because they like YOU, because they trust YOU.
But if you have your articles ghostwritten, then you have someone else write your emails, and then you send people to an affiliate site that someone else wrote the copy to, you are not developing a relationship with them, you are just going through the motions.
I dare to say that if you change your articles/emails/sales page copy to having one single author, your sales will go up by 500%.
So you have two choices: 1)Start writing everything yourself.
You think, I cannot write emails - I can write articles, but not emails.
Or the opposite.
Or you think you can write emails but not sales copy and articles.
I say this to you confidently: if you can write one of the three, you can write all three.
And your conversion rates and profits will go up, guaranteed.
2)Instead of just having the articles ghostwritten, or getting the emails from your affiliate partner, have one person write it all for you.
Your subscribers will be developing a relationship with them, not you, but who cares?The relationship is what is important, and you can only do it if the same person shows up for the date.

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