Earn Money Online With Instant Income Success - Article 2

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Before I begin on this very important area of website construction; I have a quick tip that I think will be of use to you.
Because you'll be signing up for many different free accounts and free systems, I'd recommend you open a separate spreadsheet to keep a tab on your user names and passwords (call it 'Control Sheet', perhaps?).
This way you'll keep a track on all of your accounts and you'll never waste valuable time trying to remember a password or username.
Now that you've purchased your domain name, you need somewhere to host your website (a host is basically a computer server that makes your website viewable online).
The best I have found (and trust me, I've done the research) is HostGator.
Because you're likely to want more than one website (as you carry on making money online, you'll be promoting many different products) select HostGator's 'Baby Plan'.
You can always upgrade later.
When you receive your confirmation email, make sure you save your details (especially your DNS settings!) - this is where your 'Control Sheet will come in handy! We spoke about selecting to 'Transfer Domain name to Webhost' in the previous article, and here is where we implement it.
If you return to Name Cheap.
com and go back to the 'Transfer Domain name to Webhost' tab, you should now enter your DNS setting code (they will look something like this: NS1234 Hostgator.
com & NS 1234Hostgator.
com) and submit.
It's really easy to open your HostGator account, go into your browser and type your website domain name followed by /cpanel Now if you try and enter your domain name into your browser, you may see a spurious page of information come up.
You need to wait between 2 - 36 hours until you see a white page which says 'Index of/' appear.
When you see this, then you are ready to move onto the next step.
In the meantime, we can create our new email address in HostGator.
com for our new site.
Simply select 'Email accounts' and enter the name you want to use.
When you create your account, you have to choose your email service - I always pick 'Horde'.
(Just for your information, when you come to add a second domain to your HostGator account, go to the /CPANEL of your first domain and select 'Add on domain') Next time, we'll talk about...
But, for now, good luck and good health! You're one step closer to the ultimate goal!

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