Make Money Online - Overcome Obstacle Number 4 - "The URL I Want is Taken"

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Obstacle #4 to making money online is: "The URL I want to use is taken.
" This appears to be a tough obstacle because it is of course impossible to own a URL if someone else already owns it.
Interestingly, there are ways to get a great URL.
Let's list 5 ways to overcome this obstacle: EXPIRATION Go to any website that registers domains (like GoDaddy or 000domains) and use their WHOIS service.
This is a free feature that tells you the name and contact information of the owner of any website.
It also reveals the expiry date of the URL.
By wondrous coincidence, the URL you want may be expiring soon.
Make a note on your calendar and grab it if the current owner lets it expire.
Does this happen? Yes.
PURCHASE Contact the URL owner to see if the owner would be willing to sell.
This does work.
Some world famous websites use this, like Craigslist.
org and Wikipedia.
However, it is not a very good idea because for the rest of your online career, you will be plagued by people contacting you complaining that they went to your website but you weren't there.
Why? Because they used the.
com extension, by mistake.
CREATIVITY Be creative to devise a different URL that may be even better.
The leading website offering such creativity is NameBoy.
You enter the various keywords you wish were in your URL and it manufactures exciting possible URL suggestions for you which use those words - and synonyms of those words - in different orders and with characters like dash.
Their suggestions are often quite brilliant.
And, every suggestion they make is available for purchase.
USE UNUSUAL EXTENSIONS Search under "top level domain extensions" and you will find all country extensions.
And, they can be used in unusual ways.
Libya's extension is.
ly so you might be able to buy quick.
ly or rich.
ly or certain.
ly - or whatever suits your needs.
India's top level extension is.
in so you could think of buying LetMe.
in or whatever reflects your needs.

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