Yoli - The First Network Marketing Company Which Takes Care of Its Distributors

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Located in the so-called Silicon Valley of direct selling fraternity, Yoli was a brainchild of six ingenious entrepreneurs.
With its revolutionary blast cap technology, Yoli claims to preserve the nutrients at a fresh state.
This is really the unique selling proposition of this company's marketing strategy.
The company has a very comprehensive incentive scheme which includes various forms of bonuses as well as commissions for teamwork.
Great sources of antioxidants, whose beneficial effects are slowly being unveiled by the medical community, are present in the original drink.
These sources include berries, pomegranates, various natural extracts, resveratrol, etc.
Many people are quite skeptical to step into the realm of direct selling, as it is really not an easy task.
Convincing friends or acquaintances who are not too aware or convinced regarding the product, calls for people who are highly skilled and have sharp marketing acumen.
For that proper training with the aid of latest technologies are also required.
Yoli realizes these aspects and for this reason they have devised an innovative compensation plan to increase the chances of success for its distributors.
The founders have ensured that the network marketing strategy is supportive to the distributors to the greatest possible extent.
The trendsetting technology being used for this product has that distinctive "WOW" element which is surely going to lure potential customers.
The Yoli Company has also realized the significance of online marketing and has made a very advanced system with the aid of a reputed company.
Distributors have also been provided the leeway to incorporate their personal videos on the website for the purpose of brand promotion.
Webinars are organized regularly to provide the distributors latest strategies, info and other useful tips.
The site also has auto-responders and various other modern marketing tools which are extremely crucial in any successful modern-day advertising venture.

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