How To Stay A Step Ahead Of The Competition With Trade Show Booths

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Staying ahead of the competition with your company's trade show display can be easy, especially when you listen to tips from professionals who have been in the business for years. Attending any type of convention is competitive no matter which particular line of business you may be in. So how does a company stay ahead of the competition, and what are the important steps to take and details to remember when creating banner stands?

Create A Trade Show Display And Banner Stands That Outshine The Rest

Any individual or group that is attending the event will only be stopped or interested in a booth that attracts them in some way. There are several ways in which to obtain visitors to your trade show display. Interactive banner stands have become quite popular. Entertain the idea of interactive graphics or videos. Also, incorporating the staff that is working the event can draw people in with interactive features.

Lights and graphics have also been a new way in which to enhance trade show booths. Any item or set of items that may capture the attention of a passerby may not only draw them in, but express that your company is up to date with new trends. All business owners are looking to supply their customers with services or products that are new and exciting at their trade show booths. Unique features can enhance this projection onto potential clients via your exhibit.

Incorporate A Prize Or Drawing

Everyone loves a prize, and everyone loves the opportunity to be a winner. Why not incorporate a grand prize, small giveaway prizes, or a drawing into banner stands? Giveaways can add up in cost, although there is affordable pricing available on some of these items if they are bought in bulk. If purchased once for several shows within a year, it may be cost effective investment to hand out items with your company's name and contact information within your trade show booths.

Allowing visitors to enter into a grand prize or small prize drawing can be a great way to obtain contact information for newsletters, email blasts, and advertising sales. Be sure to request particular information that may be of assistance for advertisements in the future, and also be sure to offer a giveaway that is well worth the time of entering. Some options that are popular in today's event world are iPads, small vacations, or free services or products from your company. Incorporating banner ads, graphics, or videos that explain the prize can really draw a crowd to your trade show display.

Use Engaging Colors For Banner Stands

Utilizing engaging colors in lighting, flooring, walls, or graphics in banner stands can really catch the eye of anyone passing an event stand. Ask a professional which particular colors may work best, considering the event location and what others may be doing already. Some professionals rent or sell stands to several other businesses that will be presenting. Gather as much knowledge as possible from these individuals, as they truly have a feel for what may work and what may not for banner stands.


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