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How to Make a Large Gift Bow

Do your gifts need a little extra something? Dress up a special present with a handmade bow to make it even more memorable. A gift bow doesn't take a lot of extra effort, but it shows your thoughtfulness. Find a whimsical ribbon to make a gift extra fun, or use a rich color to create a classic look.

How to Make Strapless Dresses

You can make a form-fitting strapless dress to wear on its own for a night out on the town or with a dressy jacket for a dinner at an upscale restaurant. Make the dress as long or as short as you would like and use a fabric that clings on its own to avoid having to insert elastic to keep the dress i

How to Sew Together a Striped Project in Knitting

Beginning and intermediate knitters may prefer completing pieces of a striped project separately rather than frequently changing colors while knitting. To complete the project, the striped pieces must be sewn together. The optimal sewing technique will feature invisible stitches, maintaining the vis

How to Dry Pine Needles

With their smell and year-round presence, pine trees remind us of nature, winter and pine cones. You can use the waxy needles of the pine tree for homemade tea, potpourri and mulch. Or use the pine needles for craft projects, such as a coiled basket or festive wreath. For some of these projects, you

How to Make Quilts for Children in Hospitals

Children in hospitals need something special to cuddle and call their own. Make a quilt to comfort a child who is sick or injured. Several different programs facilitate quilt donations, or you can do it on your own through your local hospital. Either way, a child will love and appreciate the handmad

Train Crafts for Children

Children can make train models from a variety of craft supplies.train image by Earl Robbins from Fotolia.comMany young children, especially boys, spend hours playing with train sets and often carry that fascination to real trains. Children of all ages will enjoy making train crafts from...

Coal Crafts

Coal is known as a universal heating fuel and the traditional gift Santa bring to naughty boys and girls at Christmas. A variety of coal crafts abound, from simple to elaborate. For those interested in seeing coal used in artistic ways beyond the traditional “lump of coal in the stocking&rdquo

How to Release Melt & Pour Soap From a Mold

Soap making is a fun pastime with virtually endless creative possibilities. In additional to providing you and your household with inexpensive, skin-healthy soaps, homemade soaps make wonderful gifts, party favors or hostess gifts. Melt-and-pour soap recipes are especially easy if you are a beginner

Decorating Wine Shelves Cheaply

As beautiful as wine shelves can make your wine bottles look, the shelves themselves can appear a little boring. They should help accent the beauty of the wine bottles, not fade away into the background. With a little money and some time, you can make the shelves noticeable.

How to Make Plastic Armor With Thermoforming

Replicating armor can be a difficult task. Whether making full size or scale model, few of us lack the metalworking skills to be able to pound out the heavy iron or steel cladding found on knights, horses or even army tanks. Thermoforming plastic, however, is within our grasp and not difficult to do

How to Make Homemade Birdfeeders Using Pinecones

Bird watching is a welcome way to pass cold winter days. Attract birds to your yard with a homemade pine cone bird feeder. Hang it near a window so you can watch birds from inside. The birds will be grateful for food in the harsh winter months, and kids will be thankful for the creative activity and

How to Crochet a Sock Monkey

Vintage red-heeled socks made by the Nelson Rockford Company have been the favored sock monkey material for over 90 years. Nelson Mills began to include a sock monkey pattern with each pair of socks that were sold in the 1920s. You can sew a stuffed monkey toy from a pattern that was created in 1970

How to Use Stencils in Fused Glass Art Work

Using stencils can add interesting dimensions to your fused glass art. This tutorial will explain how to use stencils with glass frits and glass powders when creating fused glass art work.

Ideas for Flat-Sided Marbles

Flat-sided marblesblue marbles image by saied shahinkiya from Fotolia.comCreate a myriad of beautiful crafts using flat-sided glass marbles. These gems are available in transparent, iridescent and opaque colors and hues. Crafters can create exciting crafts from one or many gems or arrange...

How to Make Lined Woven Bags

A woven bag is an attractive fashion accessory, and an inner lining provides extra sturdiness for carrying around your daily travel essentials. Make the bag from strips of satin ribbon to make a soft, feminine bag. You can use the same colored ribbon for the entire project or use a variety of differ

How to Make a Sliding Hemp Bracelet

Hemp is a fiber that is cultivated from plants in the cannabis genus. It is used to make strong ropes, which you can weave into various bracelet designs. If you would like the bracelet to be adjustable without having to untie the ends, you can create a sliding knot that allows you to lengthen and ti

Hand Tools for Rug Making

According to rug maker Deanne Fitzpatrick, rug making began in the 1800s in North America's eastern seaboard.. Rug makers used primitive tools, amounting to nothing more than a curved nail on a wooden handle, used to loop scraps of material into an old burlap feed bag. Today's tools are a mixture o

How to Make Children's Fancy Dress Costumes at Home

Providing dress-up clothes encourages children to take part in dramatic play. It allows them to experiment with different roles and situations than they encounter in their daily lives. Fancy costumes can take a child to a wedding, a tea party or whatever occasion they dream up. The versatility of fa

How to Make Handprints With a Potato Stamp

Children enjoy making craft pictures using stamps, which can enable young children to make a picture even when they are too little to use a paintbrush. You do not need to buy stamps from a craft store. Instead, create stamps using potatoes. This allows you to provide your children with craft supplie