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A Chef Explains Personal Branding

Internet marketing skills are not difficult to acquire. But it takes focus, discipline and a professional mentor. I am a chef and I love using cooking terms to explain internet marketing strategies. Read as I "slice" through the nonsense found in most internet marketing strategies like a F

Travel Business Online - Financial Freedom From Home!

Imagine having a business where you can make money, not only from your own home, but whilst working away too, from the environs of a 5-star hotel, on the beach in Hawaii or whilst vacationing in Las Vegas on your very own discounted holiday. That's because when working in the Travel Business yo

Teleseminar Marketing - 3 Things to Avoid When Outlining Your Teleseminar

Regardless of how much experience you have doing teleseminars everybody should always create an outline of what they'll be speaking about. There may be less to it as you gain experience but you should still outline your talk regardless. From my experience I'd like to pass on 3 mistakes to

Advertising: Logo Pens

Advertising is one of the most important and crucial part in a business. If an enterprise fails to inform the masses about the product or the service that they want to offer to the people the business will not also succeed. There are many advertising medium that you can have for you to use, from exp

How To Get Your Guest Blog Posts Approved

SP. Guest blog posting is a great way to get your blog or website noticed. Many blogs accept guest post and some blogs only post guest posts in that the owner simply spends their time ...

Announce Your Expertise With Name Badges

Every time you go to an important industry event, it can be a very good idea for you to keep your name badge on at all times instead of ripping it off and hiding it from view. This shows that you are proud of what you do and that you are prepared to deal with any person who may have a question or tw

The Pre-Proposal Proposal

No matter whose sales system you subscribe to and follow, everyone of them has a stage or step where you propose your goods and services to the prospect.Oftentimes, in our anxiousness to be responsive, and because we believe by submitting a proposal we are actually speeding the process along, our th

Your First Year in Network Marketing - Full Review

"Your First Year In Network Marketing" is the landmark book published to help network marketers succeed with their businesses. The authors has many difference cute phrases that describe the emotions that most network marketers experience ...

The Hierarchy of Opportunity in MLM

If you are a top leader, scratching your head at the ineffectiveness of your new distributors --- if you're an MLMer, who has never really made money in the industry in spite of 'working' several prog

Flash Web Page Design - WordPress

The flash web design have been noted and widely used because of their featuring graphics as well as their cool animation sounds which makes every customer make a click to the website. That is a superbly well performance of the flash web page design-or is it not? But have you ever considered asking y

Shopping for the Latest Styles in Women’s Clothing

If you are looking for the latest styles in women's clothing, accessories and slingbags, you have many options open to you with regard to shopping. The good news is you do not have to pay top dollar t