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5 Rules to Writing a Great Short Story

Short-story writers generally follow, consciously or unconsciously, a standard list of rules For example: Use few characters and stick to one point of view.

How to Become a Coach in Texas

Most coaches in the state of Texas work at high or junior high schools. Coaching jobs also exist at the college and professional level, but there are not as many positions available and they're much harder to get without experience. Beginning your career as a high school coach is a good way to gain

Tips for Front Desk Receptionists

A warm, cheerful and efficient receptionist is an important asset for a business. A receptionist symbolizes the company's principles and its respect and value for its customers. Sincerity in approach is very important for a receptionist. With a competent receptionist on its team, a company can be su

How to Be an Expert in Business Decision Making

Business decision making is one of the most important aspects of any business. With suitable business decision making, the proper running of the business is ensured. Thus, it is very important for the

Jobs for a Science Lecturer

Positions as science lecturers are lucrative alternatives to pursuing tenure right away. Inquiring about lecturer positions opens job search possibilities for science majors seeking to break into academia. Because lecturers focus on teaching rather than research, strong interpersonal communication a

Job Description for an Information Technology Security Officer

In the modern workplace, information technology safety is vital. As cyber attacks become more complex, the need for information technology security officers has increased. An information technology security officer plans, coordinates and maintains a company's information security. Information techno

Dear Career Coach-- I Need a Job!

Unemployment that lasts for a while can pose unique problems for job seekers. But there are several things you can do to keep your chin up, make your resume stand out, and increase your chances of lan

Use of HR in Small and Medium Sized Organizations

This HR will help in differentiating efficient and inefficient employees in the organization. All business owners know that ineffective utilization of human resources will be a great burden on business operating costs. If management of the company is not concentrating on proper utilization of its em

Selecting Trustworthy Employee Through Background Checks

Some unnecessary situations like scandal and crimes in a company can be prevented if we only had carefully select people who will work in a company. Situations like this are bad publicities and may give bad impression to some investors.

National Guard Definition

"One weekend a month, two weeks a year" was the former slogan of America's militia reserve system, the National Guard. Organized on a state footing, there is an Army National Guard and an Air Force National Guard. Composed of part-time soldiers, some of whom are retired from the active military, in

Power Words and How to Use Them

Power Words make a difference in the way people perceive who you are.We give you over 350 power words and show you how to use them.Speak professionally and others will respond professionally.

Advantages of Rating Scales in Performance Appraisal

Employee appraisals provide the opportunity to review individuals' past performance, set performance goals, recognize achievements and agree on developmental needs. Rating scale systems are designed to provide a quantitative evaluation of work performance for a given reporting period. Several types

Corporate Presentation Tips

A good presentation can attract new clients.Three office workers image by Vladimir Melnik from Fotolia.comFor many businesses, a corporate presentation is an opportunity to present the organization's product or brand to potential clients and customers. For this reason, it is vitally...

Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD)

Learn how law enforcement officers and dispatchers use computer aided dispatch to help them manage calls and assign personnel.

What to Look for In A Resume and Cover Letter Sample

If you are looking for a job, chances are, you are probably looking out also for ways to amplify your cover letter and resume. One of the popular ways of doing this is by looking for a resume and cover letter sample to guide you with it. There are many types of resume and cover letter samples in the

Save Time and Energy With a Fixed Price Recruitment Firm

Tapping the best talent in the industry is the primary goal of every successful business. Unfortunately, picking the top cream layer of the society for your business is not an easy task to do. You need to go through a really cumbersome procedure if you are still working in a traditional way. Read mo