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Forex Currency Exchange: 3 Golden Principles

Anybody who starts forex currency exchange investing hopes to generate income. This is exactly why we do it. But the sad fact is that the majority of newbies (plus some skilled dealers too) discover t

What Is Forex Trading And Is It For Me?

The biggest global financial market exceeding $2 Trillion a day is the Forex Trading market. This can be a very profitable market but can also be extremely hazardous. However, all types of investors can carry out trading big or small since there are many trading systems out there for every level of

How To Use 'Mergers And Acquisitions' News To Make Money

Usually mergers and acquisitions news are announced after the successful completion of negotiations mainly due to the secrecy involved in the move. Many failed negotiations never come to light. The process of negotiations for mergers and acquisitions involves the participation of many professional g

Acquiring A Positive Cash Flow Property For Wrapping Purposes

When buying a positive cash flow property with the intention of using it as a Wrap, I'm often asked if the process is so different from buying a property in any other way and I have to say 'No', it shouldn't be. Now there are a few key gem pieces of information and resources that

Beating the Stock Market

Beating the Stock Market By William Cate Most investment strategies don't work. After taxes and inflation, conservative investment strategies don't work. Long-term investing in stocks is a loser because the potential yield is far less ...

The Benefits of Strategy Trading

I wrote earlier article about the strategy traders who trade the strategies. From my point of view, I believe that if traders stick with trading strategies which have been properly back-tested, they can make more money than trading any other way. Making more money is not the only reason that strateg

Buyer Beware on Preconstruction in Emerging Markets

When investors go after the holy grail of real estate investing, it is obvious they have the mentality to find that new up and coming emerging market.With emerging markets, you find aggression.With aggression you get greed, and where there is greed you will find your real estate sharks.

Gold Coins for Anyone and Everyone

Gold coin business is a brisk business as anyone with any financial background will purchase it. This is because gold coins are available in various weights starting from less than a gram to fifty grams. In India, it is customary to calculate the wealth of an individual by the amount of gold he poss

Hedging: A Boon for the Forex Traders

Movements of market prices are very unpredictable, no doubt! And it is assured that volatility of market declines unexpectedly anytime. To prevent from the negative impacts of declining volumes of transactions any time, Hedging is ...

Why Market's Seasonality May Be Critical in 2015

The market has a long history of making most of its gains each year in a favorable season between October and May, and experiencing most of its corrections in the summer months. That pattern has not w

Wholesaling Properties Versus The Buy and Hold Trap

Buy and hold rental properties can be a great addition to a wholesaling CEO's portfolio and business activities, yet can be a dangerous mental and financial trap compared with wholesaling properties...

Funny Retirement Poems

Retirement can be a very tough time for most people - even if you have made sure that you are financially secure, you still cannot be happy. You might have thought that the freedom and the relaxation might be just what you wanted, but in all likelihood, you will be disappointed.

Now expect the best ROIs with Dubai apartments sale

Dubai one of the emirates forming UAE and the constructional capital of the world is presently facing crisis, although there are very different opinions of critics regarding this financial breakdown time some take it as ...

The Best Forex Trading Robots

Forex is the Foreign Currency Exchange Market and it is basically selling and buying currencies in order to make a profit on the fall or rise of the currencies one against another. The market operates ...

EBAY Chart - Collar Example #2

Conclusion: A stock this volatile needs a hedging strategy that provides maximum protection. A covered call strategy will provide some protection but not enough for a stock with the month in and month out volatility that Ebay exhibits.

Dividend announcement effect on Indian bourses

Perhaps no other area of finance has been subject to so much empirical investigation during the last four decades as the behavior of stock prices. The present study attempts to contribute positively t