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How to Fight Unfair Bank of America Interest Rates

If you believe that Bank of America has raised an interest rate on a credit card, loan, or mortgage that you have with the company, you may be able to protest it and convince them to reduce the rate. Interest rate adjustments on credit cards or loans made by massive corporations like Bank of America

What to Invest in for Hyperinflation

Hyperinflation is a rare occurrence where the value of a currency declines rapidly, resulting in quickly rising prices. As the supply of dollars increases, the value of a dollar declines and the more dollars you need to buy things. In hyperinflation, however, the decline in value happens so fast tha

California Food Stamp Rights & Responsibilities

Food stamps are intended to help low income families buy nourishing food.shoppingbasket filled with food image by Ivonne Wierink from Fotolia.comFood stamps are intended to help people with low incomes afford to buy enough nutritious food to feed themselves and their families, according...

How Long Before a Foreclosure Goes on Your Credit Report?

If you are in active foreclosure on your home or other property, you may be worried about the timing of when the foreclosure will hit your credit report. Once it is recorded on your report, it will have a significant impact on your credit score and your ability to borrow from creditors. Unfortunatel

How to Transfer Between Credit Unions

Unlike traditional banks, credit unions are nonprofit financial institutions run by a particular group---employees of the same company or residents of the same city, for instance. Credit unions offer the same services and account types as banks, but in some cases they offer additional features banks

How to Subtract a Percent From an Item

During a sale in a retail store, many times the management posts a sign that states what percentage of the original price of a product will be taken off at the cash register instead of how much the item on sale actually costs. If you want to know the sale price of an item, you must perform some math

About High-Interest Savings Account

Since online banking became widely available, the high-interest savings accounts offered by online institutions have been popular with consumers. Although online banks do not offer the personalized service available at brick-and-mortar banks, their low overhead allows them to offer attractive intere

Will I Lose My SSI Income After I Get Married?

Qualifying for the SSI benefit is based on a number of factors, including a person's marital status. Therefore, getting married may affect your SSI benefits depending on your spouse's income. The purpose of SSI benefits is to provide financial assistance to people with limited income and resources;

What You Need to Get a Checking Account

When you open a new checking account, you need to provide the bank with documents to verify your identity, as well as money to open the account. Understanding which documents are required will make it a lot easier to get the account you need with a minimum of hassles.